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You may order any of the ‘Dina the Unicorn’ Series of Books exclusively through Amazon; no matter which country you’re in as the book is published and available in all countries worldwide.  


For KindleUnlimited subscribers the book is completely free.  For other Kindle users the cost is just £2.00 per copy with a very reasonable price of £6.99 for a physical paperback copy sent in the post.    

Dina the Unicorn & The Christmas Rainbow  is a  peaceful and gentle story in which Dina has lost the Christmas Rainbow; asking friends if they can help to find it.  As with all good stories, it all ends well with Dina finding the elusive Christmas rainbow.


Beautifully illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills, the bright and imaginative colours spring from the page as Dina romps through to the happy ending.  


Children love studying the pictures and imagining themselves within the context of the story just as much as the story itself. Dina the Unicorn & The Christmas Rainbow makes a lovely gift for 0-6 year old ‘early reader’ children all over the world.



To order the free AmazonUnlimited, Amazon Kindle or paperback version, click this button:

About Dina

Dina is gender neutral which allows for a full and exciting range of adventures.  Though not specifically Christian books, the name “Dina” is taken from the mythical name for the angel of learning.  The books are bright, colourful and a joy to read by both children and adults.

Watch Out!  There’s a Poomafanga About !  

The girls have now finished writing their follow up book called “Dina and Poomafanga in Space”.  Poomafanga is a gas giant, but cute monster, with a rather unsociable habit of passing gas!  In the story Dina and Poomafanga board a rocketship and travel around the solarsystem - visiting each of the planets from Mars to Pluto (they decide Venus and Mercury are far too hot to visit as they are closest to the Sun).  Come back soon for news of the release date and links to order.....