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The competition to win a copy of Dina the Unicorn and the Christmas Rainbow has now closed.  The 5 lucky winner pictures are now uploaded onto the Readers Gallery! Yay :)


Please take your time to look around and find the many fun and interesting play and learning resources we’ve included.


Of course we have listed all the Dina the Unicorn books as well as a Gallery of the many pictures Dina’s fans have sent to us. Hey, why not have a go at drawing Dina yourself and sending it in to us?  Just take a picture of your drawing or painting with a phone (maybe ask Mum, Dad or Nanna?) and then email it to us at dina@dinatheunicorn.com.  

Who’s Poomafanga?

Suki and Sasha have now finished their follow up book to “Dina the Unicorn & The Christmas Rainbow”.  It’s called, “Dina and Poomafanga in Space”.    

It features Poomafanga - a grisly gas giant of a creature but lovely phonic for children to wrap their imagination and tongues around!

Take a look at the girls’ vision of how Poomafanga looks on the About Us page.

Visit our Books page regularly for news of when “Dina & Poomafanga in Space” will be available to order - the girls promise an exciting and hilarious read.


Lockdown Blues?

Stuck for things to do due to the COVID-19 lockdown?  Then visit our Resources page for lots of fun indoor and outdoor activities, crafts and learning resources :)

We’ve included some really brilliant resources to help mums and dads, nannies, childminders and teachers keep the little ones engaged and amused.  From links to Mr. Maker to useful home learning pages.  Simply click this link  to explore !

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